Creative Writing

Currently my primary writing focus. I have always done creative writing, albeit in a haphazard way. I have folders of ideas, pieces, etc. that date back many years. (A long while ago, I had four or five poems published in small journals.) Now, with less pressure from other areas of life, I have begun to unpack some of the fragments, look back to some of the ideas, and even resuscitate some of the pieces.

Currently, I am seeking an agent to represent a novel that I have completed. I have given it the tentative title of “The Prison House of the Angels.” Its story arc begins in the 1960’s and contains pieces of material that I wrote back then.

With few exceptions, the several manuscript short stories I have completed, or quasi-completed, are also set in the ‘60’s and contain some of the same characters as the manuscript novel. I intend to pursue marketing the stories as well.